Regional Boundaries (was RE: SR - Lighter fluid for that blaze, anyone?)

gptaylor gtaylor at
Wed Aug 11 08:55:30 PDT 1999

Just as long as they don't shuffle prior to next March 31 - April 2, 2000.  It would
be really embarrassing having our first Southern Regional Festival in the Coastal
region...   ;)


"D. R. Hoffpauir" wrote:

> "Zimmermann, Leonard" wrote:
> ...and I snipped (for brevity sake).
>     I agree with the points both you and Ld. Charles make.  Geographically it
> makes no sense for Raven's Fort to be in the Southern Region.  Not to long ago
> we were part of the Coastal Region.  I don't remember exactly when the shuffle
> happened, but it was about 6-7 years ago.  As to the reason, you got me.  But as
> I remember it was one of those 'Oh, by the way, ya'll are in the Southern Region
> now.'  Of course, there was probably more to it than that, but this was before
> most folks had email, something I'd term 'Ansteorran Headline News'.  There
> wasn't any discussion (that I know of).  No vote.  We just kinda accepted it as
> a decree from the Crown and went on.
>     The real headaches came later.  These were administrative headaches that
> would probably repeat themselves if we shuffled geography again.  I was local
> Knight Marshall then and later, Regional.  The reporting process in these two
> offices was very screwed up for a long, long time.  I suspect with other offices
> it was equally problematic.  In fact, my regional file had 15 years of Coastal
> reports in it and no reports from the Southern Region.  I might add that getting
> people to report is a pain even when they know where to send things.
>     So, just from personal experience, I'd hope that we don't ever shuffle
> boundaries again and if we do, at least go into it with some clue of the
> problems it can cause.  Personally, I advocate keeping things just as they are.
> If SR wants to push toward 'p-hood' down the road, I'm pretty certain Raven's
> Fort will be there with the rest.  I know we've done our share of voting on the
> issue.
>     As for a name, heck I don't know.  Let's call it Siege Perilous.  That ought
> to mess with the Heralds.
> David St. David, Raven's Fort
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