Regional Boundaries (was RE: SR - Lighter fluid for that blaze, anyone?)

Eirik eirik at
Thu Aug 12 11:48:29 PDT 1999


> Ravensfort, however, is by geography and
> by travel route, much closer to Stargate. Those Baronies have a great deal
> of interaction, and while I would not wish in any way to suggest that
> Ravensfort was not supportive of the southern region (as HE David St.
> so graciously pointed out), I would suggest that administratively it might
> be easier to have those baronies more closely related in adminstrative
> structure.

Another bit of trivia that I've been told is that Raven's Fort and
Middleford were originally sister shires. I do know that Raven's Fort has
always been at our events and we have always travelled to theirs. Middleford
and Raven's Fort are at the opposite ends of the region, and we have worked
to support each other's events.


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