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Fri Aug 13 18:45:14 PDT 1999

Hello all ,
    Yoshi hear, the Raven's Fort trash pick up is tomorrow the 14 of august at 10:00 am. We will meet at the big sycamore tree on the dirt road just as you turn to go to the site just before the RR tracks. Bring plenty of Water because MAN IT IS GONNA BE HOT!  But don't let that keep you away the Deputy Seneschal Nickolas will be taking those who can not handle the heat very well and do hop and hit trash pick up with his truck! and I will take the battle hardened trash pickers and start on one end and pick up the other stuff.
    In no way do I feel that if you choose to ride in the truck that you are any less than I, you are more than likely smarter than I. I feel that we all can cover the area and deal with the heat the best way we can by splitting up and doing what we can and however we can do it! Two vehicles one from each end with a couple of people walking the opposite direction will work!
                                        YOSHI   :o)
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