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If this is all it takes to fix the Y2K problem, then Microsoft really
is a big #*$)(*&&)*%$ trying to squeeze us for more money to "fix" the

Y2K Fix - Please Read

To Everyone Who Owns a PC Compatible Running Windows.
Thought you might be interested in the following. I went in to my
settings, and sure enough, it was exactly as this e-mail states. I
changed mine - better safe than sorry!
Double click on "My Computer".
Double click on "Control Panel".
Double click on "Regional Settings" icon.
Click on the "Date" tab at the top of the page.
Where it says, "Short Date Sample", look and see if it shows a "two
digit" year.
Of course it does. That's the default setting
for Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT. This date RIGHT HERE is the date
that feeds application software and WILL
NOT rollover in the year 2000. It will roll over to 00. Click on the
button across from "Short Date Style" and select the option that
shows,mm/dd/yyyy or m/d/yyyyy.
(Be sure your selection has four  Y's showing, not two) Then click on
"Apply" and then click on "OK"at the bottom. Easy enough to fix.
However, every single installation of Windows worldwide is defaulted to
fail the Y2K rollover.
How many people know about it? How many people know to change  that?
What will be the effect? Who knows. But this is another example of the
pervasiveness and systematic nature of the problem.

NOW YOU KNOW ABOUT IT - PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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