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On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Yrsa @}-}--}-- <jade at> wrote:
> If this is all it takes to fix the Y2K problem, then Microsoft really
> is a big #*$)(*&&)*%$ trying to squeeze us for more money to "fix" the
> problem

1) While I believe that Microsoft is the Tool of Satan, they aren't
   responsible for all, or even most, of the entire Y2K problem.  A
   lot of programs were written badly.
2) No, that's not all that's needed for the Y2K problem *in general*.
   Those other programs often have their own code that's screwed up.
3) I do not know the effect of this change -- I haven't seen this
   letter on any Internet hoax pages, and it looks plausible and
   harmless enough.  My guess is that it may prevent a few problems
   with Windows itself, but probably not all.

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