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Sat Aug 14 12:32:38 PDT 1999

Thanks to the fine folks in Usenet newsgroup alt.folklore.urban, I got
pointers to Microshaft's Y2K page and subpages under  In, they have

    * Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT are compliant
      assuming all recommended actions specified in the respective
      compliance documents have been taken.  The steps above are not
      required actions and do not have to be performed in oredr to
      obtain compliance.

    * The short date format style in Regional Settings is a display
      setting only.

    * Dates are stored and processed by Windows in a 4 digit format
      regardless of the short date format style selected in Regional

I am told a few programs may use the Regional Settings to control
their storage; I believe most do not.  While Micro$soft recommends
using 4-digit years, that's nowhere near enough.

On that main y2k page, Microsoft has a link for "Microsoft Year 2000
Resource Center for Home and Small Business Computers".  I suggest
going to it for some information.  Less than one might like, but at
least it's some info, and with enough clicking (in a
JavaScript-enabled browser) you can find out about the Y2K readiness
of Microsoft products via

If you use Windows and it doesn't work, the Y2K readiness of anything
else really doesn't matter.

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