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Thu Aug 19 00:09:49 PDT 1999

  Greetings all!
      War is but a few short weeks away, and we in the West ready
ourselves to welcome friends from far and near...
      Gate opens at 4:00pm Friday, where paid members will have the
chance to win a prize! All info will be at gate. Site fee-$10 (13 &
$5 (6-12), free for children under 6, Family cap is $30,,,please make
checks payable to: SCA,Inc.-Shire of Mendersham.    
   On Saturday, the Rapier fighters will have three tournaments; please
go to the web site for more info.
        The heavy fighters will have a snowball tournament to decided
the armies and the leaders for the melees, which will follow the
tourney. Because of the hot weather, we're not afforded the luxury to
tarry, so all activities will get off to an early start. Armor
inspection is set to begin at 8:00am.              
       A & S Competition will open at 11:00 and is open to
all...documentation is preferred, but not required. There is no set
theme, just bring your best and have fun!               
      Lunch and a break from the fighting is scheduled for 1:00....the
Green Tower Tavern will be a good place to sooth those hunger pangs!          
    Moc Activities are scheduled from 1:00-4:00, our Mistress of
Children has some fun things planned....please remember to apply
sunscreen on your children.                  
     Also scheduled for 1:00 is a Youth Rapier class, to be taught by Ld
Marquet de la Heyte, cadet to Don Donovan. Much enthusiasm has been
shown  for the new youth programs, come and see how we plan to encourage
participation for the kingdom's future rapiers!       
     At 4:00, A & S closes and activities resume with an Archery Shoot.      
     Evening Court will be at Their Majesties' pleasure, with Bardic set
for after hours. Link off the web page for Bardic's competition themes.
      On Sunday, Rapiers will have their four melees....archers will be
allowed only in the last two melees.
       Heavy Fighters will have a list tourney. A  Barrier Battle,
sponsored by Herr Erazmus Bucher, will follow the list. 
        Children's Activities run from 1:00-4:00.
        Closing Court will be at Their Majesties' pleasure.
        Friends, the site has some trees, but please bring all the shade
you can haul...we're 
going to do all we can to accomodate in these hot days of summer. A
small store just past the park will be available for sodas, snacks and
ice ($1.35 a bag). The town of Sweetwater is 6-7 miles west on I-20,
where you will find motels, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Fried Chicken, Super
K, etc....
        So come join us for the fighting, friendship and fun!!!  We
promise you days of fellowship and night skies full of stars!!!! 

Always in service,

HLy Eleanor de Broke @-->->---  
Steward - Gothic VIII           

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