ANST-Announce - Newcomers Bardic Competition at Mooneschadowe

Scott Fridenberg scottf at
Wed Aug 18 21:03:16 PDT 1999


        I will be sponsoring a bardic competition for new bards at the
upcoming Mooneschadowe Guardian event September 15 - 17.  This is not an
official part of the event but something I am doing to encourage new
bards.  To enter you must either have never entered a bardic competition
before  OR  have been a bard less than a year and have never won a
competition.  I don't want this to take away from the competition to
choose the next Minstrel of Mooneschadowe so entering the Minstrel
competition will not bar you from entering the newcomers bardic
competition if you were otherwise eligible.
        I do not know when the competition will take place, but I will
do my best to schedule it so that it doesn't conflict with any other
activities, though Guardian is a busy event and that may not be
possible.  It will be sometime Saturday.
        Be prepared to perform two pieces in any format.  Blatantly
modern filk is not appropriate.  Documentation is not required but if
you want to bring it I'll look at it.  I'm the judge, and I'll even tip
you off to some of my personal likes and dislikes.  If you can perform
in persona that usually impresses me.  If you can perform period
material or original material in a period style that's good too.  If you
are going to sing, stay in key.  If you are telling a story, shorter is
almost always better.  Your introduction shouldn't be longer than the
performance, and don't start off by apologizing.
        The prize for the performer who most impresses me will be a
ONE POUND BLOCK OF AMBER.  I will try and have as much largess as I can
for other performers who impress me.   Word Fame and encouragement will
also be lavishly dispensed.  I encourage other bards and those who
support the bardic arts to attend and support our new bards.  I think it
would be nice if one of our fine artisans offered to make something
nifty out of that block of amber.
        I ask for the help of those who receive this message in
spreading the word to those who are not on the list.  Any responses to
this should be sent to the Ansteorra list or by private E-Mail.
        I also encourage all of our bards to come and enter the
competition to be the next Minstrel of Mooneschadowe.

H.L. Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep
Minstrel of Mooneschadowe
Northern Regional Bard
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