SR - A perfect day

Dennis Grace sirlyonel at
Thu Feb 18 13:36:09 PST 1999

Salut Cozyns,

What a glorious sunny day.  What a spectacularly balmy, clear, 
Springlike day.  What a perfect day to meet with friends, exchange 
pleasantries, and kill them.

Bring your armor (or be prepared to run really fast) and meet me at the 
usual Bryn Gwlad fighter practice site tonight after 7:30 p.m.  I'm 
tired of chasing down the tennis players (besides, they all hit like 
pansies, the fights are really short, and they're only good for one bout 

(Special attention will be given to anyone who manages to look anything 
like a microcomputer.)

lo vostre por vos battre
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

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