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Martin, Brian bmartin at
Tue Feb 23 09:25:43 PST 1999


I like that Idea about having champions of the region. But how would the
chosing of who holds what tournament when be run? If we do it like any other
tournament placed in the Black Star Who would be the one who decides what
tourny would be held where? Would there Majesties have the say as to who
holds the tourny? The only problem that I can see happening is that if these
events get to the point of being sceduled tournys like Queen's or
Bordermarch Fall Melees on permanent weekends that is going to make it
really hard for other events like any new shires that come about in the
future get any dates that is sceduled for them. If you look at the Feb.
calender you will notice that more and more of the months are getting
crammed with so many different events that the number pf populas
participation will be getrting smaller and thier Majesties are only two and
just can't get to everyone. And with the landed Barons and Baroness It will
get to the point where they will have to go to events as represenatives and
not to to many events that they would like to attend as nonreps. (for
relaxation). Just a thought!
[Martin, Brian] 
Good questions. Perhaps we should talk to some people in the north and see
how they determine who holds their regional events. I do think that we
should hold the rapier and chivalric tourneys on the same day to keep the
idea from getting busy.

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