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Tue Feb 23 16:43:39 PST 1999

Heilsa all Good and True Ansteorrans...

I will be posting some facts in the body of this letter. Please read 
them all.

It has been chortled:

>Lyonel aisai.
>Sir Dieterich says:
>>The BEST news just hit, gang.  I hold, in my hot little hands, the 
>>word from the society childrens cooridinator, Julleran da Maestre, the 
>>verdict from the society senechal on BOFFER.
>>The bottom line:  it's completely and totally up to us as a kingdom 
>>wish to handle it.  It can either fall under the marshallate (smile, 
>>you're on candid kingdom!) or under the senechallate through the 
>minister of
>>children.  It in no way violates the society's insurance issues and we 
>>*have* to have any additional forms for consent so long as mommy 
>>daddy is present.

Here is what I have received from Sir Burke, Kingdom Seneschal so far.

<Here is what Eilis sent me on Boffers.
<From: Lee Forgue <eilis at>
<Subject: Re: Boffers??
<This may be where it came from (I sent it to my children's 
<  --- eilis
<<I know of no Board decisions that rule who controls boffers.  I 
<<have a vague memory that the Society Marshal was trying (not very 
<<successfully) to claim that it was a martial activity.  My take on 
<<it all is that it's a kingdom decision and should have common sense 
<<applied.  Sixteen year olds is a very different activity than four 
<<year olds.
<<  --- eilis

Folks what has been written by the Society Seneschal is very different 
from what has been written on our list.

I have been talking with Sir Burke and here is our position. We will 
take this at face value. Other Kingdoms have Boffer, the Society 
Seneschal finds no problem with this fact (the programs haven't been 
dissolved), therefore its up to Ansteorra to decide if we will have 
Boffer here. 

To this end, Sir Burke is checking with our legal counsel to see if 
there are any problems inherent in OK and TX law that would prevent 
Boffer use by minors in Ansteorra.

IF there is no impediment, legally, then we will formulate a new branch 
of the Marshalate that combines the Marshal's office and the Minister of 
Children's office (assuming that Countess Anora agrees to participate). 
Standards for Weapons and Armor, as well as other factors will be 
formulated. (I'm reviewing and revising the Boffer Rules of Atenveldt 
with an eye to implement them as soon as I have the go-ahead.)

Until I have the "go-ahead" there will not be any "organized" Boffer in 

Good Friends I'm all in favor of Boffer for our kiddos...! I want it to 
go further than just boffer for the 16 - 17 year old young folk. 

Please bear with us until we have the legal issues locked up tight. If 
there is an impediment in _either_ state the program will be in serious 

If anyone has any questions please write Sir Burke and myself (carbon 
copy please) and we will strive to answer them.

>>That's it.
>[Lyonel jumps up and does happy dance!]
>I'm responding not just as a parent but as a fighter.  This will help 
>close the age gap and make for a smoother transition into armored 
>for 18-year-olds.  
>Let's do it.  Do we have a base set of rules to work from?  Can we get 
>set posted to the Chivalry list?  

I will post a set of the revised Rules for Boffer to the Chivalric List 
for review as soon as possible.

>Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?????

Soon...soon... 5 more minutes......

>vostre cozyn
>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

Waes Thu Hael kinfolk...!
Kief - EM Ansteorra
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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