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Greetings again,

I was referring to *sites* that were flood prone.  However, if the area is
having a drought a little water might be nice.

Event capital of the southern region now there's a thought.  Yea, and the
crowds would know the way by heart and no signs would be needed.  Soon,
people would just move here so as to be closer to the site.  And our
population would sky rocket.  Yes, yes. Another *evil grin* with wiggling
eye brows too.


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>Bob Dewart (gilli at said something that sounded like:
>> We have seven groups in the region: Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Ffynnon Gath,
>> Middleford, Raven's Fort, Shadowlands and Tempio (it would be eight if we
>> include Emerald Keep).
>> Weather is a possible factor each event faces.  I would hope flood prone
>> areas would be avoided.
>Hmmm. Of the 7 in the region, I think Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Ffynnon
>Gath, Raven's Fort and Tempio have all used sites that have "flooded"
>out in the last year or so. Some of these unfortunately even during
>That leaves us with Middleford and Shadowlands hosting all of the events.
>Hmmm. Sounds good to me. *evil grin*
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