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 I like that Idea about having champions of the region. But how would the
 chosing of who holds what tournament when be run? If we do it like any other
 tournament placed in the Black Star Who would be the one who decides what
 tourny would be held where? Would there Majesties have the say as to who
 holds the tourny?  Keyna >>

My answer to this would be :

 For this one event i think all the landed nobles of the southern region
should be together on the event. That is, the tourney should move each year or
6 months to another group. ( one time BG the next BB then BM etc). this event
would be for the people of the region not TRM. Not that i am saying that they
can't go ( foot in mouth) I meen that we should do this for the pleasure of
the region. most tourneys are for the pleasure of the crown,baroness/baron,
etc but this would be for the region that we all love. You guys want to be
seen as a together region. One that is worthy of it's own name and arms. Then
we must act like one and work together for the region and not pass everything
off to one group or the next. I see no reason to bother the crown about who
should do it or where or when. We can think these answers up on our own. If we
ran to the crown for everything , they could not get what they have to do,
done. So I say once again, We should do this for the region as a region. And
we must get away from this thought of one barony should do it for the region
or the crown should do it for the region. If we keep thinking that way we will
never become the great unified region that we can be.

Ld Pieter Rausch
Cadet to Don Jeremy
Southern Region
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