SR - running and humanity

Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Wed Feb 24 19:00:44 PST 1999

Aquilanne wrote:

>>Ivar -- I'll regret this, but I volunteer to be the Steward for the 
>>one (if Bjornsborg gets it or if I can talk everyone into letting BJ 
>>it just to get it running) -- Runamagi
>I don't know; let Ivar run something and before you know it, everybody 
>be running around with writings on their bellies,  posing as 
>flailing their arms in the air, dogs and ferrets living together in 
>sin, oh
>the humanity, the humanity!!

Are you saying I am human?
>the damn fever just *won't* come down

Try staying away from that chocolate, it has been proven to cause crazy
in scribes, laurels, pelicans and other assorted ........


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