SR - Interesting Idea.....

Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Wed Feb 24 08:50:13 PST 1999

I'll help, Ivar.  Either Co or Assistant.
Hmmmm....I wonder if BJ will let us corrupt our Fall event into something
much...bigger.  Do we really have any plans yet, for it?! ;)  I know that
Dominic has some ideas...

We can have the experienced folk head the individual components up...or we could
look to our Regional officers. And it sounds as if we have at least one possible
fantastic feastocrat ;) who -might- be interested.  We -could- have both heavy
and rapier...but put them on Saturday and Sunday (this being a regional event,
people should be close enough to stay on Sunday...).  Though some may complain
about rapier being on Sunday, I actually like it's fun to shmooze
with your friends all day Saturday.  Or, we could do the old, Morning and
Afternoon split.

We could separate the 2 events into outdoor stuff and indoor stuff.  Outdoor
stuff includes rapier, chivalric, equestrian, archery and KAST.  Indoor includes
Bardic, A&S, a collegium, etc.  We can have each, once per year.  We can put do
the Indoor stuff in mid Summer or Winter, when it would be a pleasure to be
indoors.  Of course, if anyone wanted to have an A&S display or organize
unofficial bardic at the outdoor event, to keep those non-martial amongst us
busy...that would be fine, too....

A scary thing is....if we do this in Fall or early spring...a good, cheap place
for the outdoor stuff would be Gonzales, if they would allow equestrian and if
there's appropriate horse-running space (though Gonzales has emotional baggage
for Bjornsborg...never fear...merchants would be more central, and gate at the
bottom of the hill...).  Everyone says that Gonzales would be beautiful in
Fall.  If not, The Stones is in the Southern Region.  Are there any other nice
sites out there that would be good for fighting and horses?

Tempio has a "gate" that's really a little toll booth.

> Ivar -- I'll regret this, but I volunteer to be the Steward for the first
> one (if Bjornsborg gets it or if I can talk everyone into letting BJ do
> it just to get it running) -- Runamagi

As I said above...ya want me, ya got me ( that's a loaded
statement...) an Assistant or Co-autocrat!  :)


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