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Ken Stallman erland at
Wed Feb 24 19:14:54 PST 1999

Michael A Scofield in a fit of idiocy wrote:
Ivar -- I'll regret this, but I volunteer to be the Steward for the first
one (if Bjornsborg gets it or if I can talk everyone into letting BJ do
it just to get it running) -- Runamagi

To which Erland responds

You FOOL!!! (evil laughter). I knew if I waited long enough you would do
like this. In a public forum no less, with WITNESSES albeit cyber-spirit types.
Earning a
Pelican just wasn't enough for you was it? Loud protestations you made at every
opportunity telling us all how you had done your share of autocrating forever!
buddy-boy, if I have to drink for Rai, you are now autocrating for ME. Thanks

That Hard-Working Erland from Bjornsborg


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