Bob Dewart gilli at
Thu Feb 25 19:20:08 PST 1999

Greetings all,

There has been a slight, almost un-noteable, change in this year's ICE AX.
But, it was felt that since it was differant than what was posted in the
Black Star, you should be told.

Due to mundanity, Ld Padruig will not be cooking the feast.  Instead I will
be.  The menu will be just a little differant than what was in the Black
Star.  So what are you cooking, you ask?  FOOD, lots of good Gilli food.  So
come hungry.

Will start off with breads, butters and chesses.  Then some split pea soup
with ham.  Followed by meat loaves with or without onions as you perfer and
savory chicken.  There will also be rice surprize and green bean almondine
with peral onions.  For deserts we'll have Dragon cake, peach cobbler and
some Mud pie.  Of course, I might add some things too

Have a safe trip,


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