SR - Interesting Idea..... Aelfuyn at
Thu Feb 25 20:09:43 PST 1999

Geez, ya don't check your mail for a little while, and look what happens. I
think it's a great idea; the discussion spurred me to make a couple of
comments (whether you want 'em or not).

First, SR name update.  We've got commentary on all but about 6 names; we
should have the list ready for dissemination in the next week or so.

Second, on the structure of the Festival. I know this is kind of stating the
obvious, but those who do fighting only go to fighting events and those who do
A&S go to the A&S events.  I don't have any problem with setting this up as
semi-annual deal where you do half of the competitions (roughly) at one, and
half at the other, but I think you need to mix some of the
outdoor/athletic/fighting events with the indoor/A&S/non-fighting events.
Otherwise it would seem that you've got a good chance of one segment of the SR
folks showing up at one and another at the other and never the twain shall

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