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Aelfuyn at (Aelfuyn at said something that sounded like:
> Second, on the structure of the Festival. I know this is kind of stating the
> obvious, but those who do fighting only go to fighting events and those who do
> A&S go to the A&S events.

Hmmm. I'm afraid I must disagree.

As an A&S only person, there are many events I go do that are "fighting"
events and not A&S events. You know how few "A&S" events there are a
year around here? Let's see, Kingdom A&S/LPT, Gulf War A&S selection,
and King's College. I've seen very few regional events or events in the
region aimed at A&S, but instead are "fighting" events that might have
thought about A&S as an afterthought. That doesn't stop me from going to

As well, the last I checked, there are a few fighters who do artsy
things fairly well. Isn't one of the Rapier fighters (I'm terrible with
her name!) representing us in A&S at Gulf War this year? Didn't Sir
Pendaran represent us last year in A&S at Gulf War? Wasn't Viscount Sir
Galen the last Kingdom Bard? These are of course quick examples off the
top of my head.

Just my quick thoughts at 6 am.


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