SR - Re: Boffers was CHILDREN REJOICE!

Lorraine and/or Kief deer_kief at
Fri Feb 26 04:33:44 PST 1999

Heilsa Lord Charles and all other interested folk...

You wrote thusly:

>Kief av Kiersted wrote:
>> I will post a set of the revised Rules for Boffer to the Chivalric 
>> for review as soon as possible.

>  Will this be posted only to the Chivaly, and if so, why? What about
>those belt-and-chain-challenged among us who might have good ideas 
>this? Or is the opionion of those who aren't knights unwelcome? 
>  I hope not.

Nope... I was specifically asked to post any possible Rules for Boffer 
to the Chiv list. For some strange reason the Chivalry have a bit of 
experience in chewing up Rules of Combat and finding possible flaws in 

I welcome all comments on Boffer for our kiddos... In fact I have saved 
all the comments on the various lists I subscribe to and will take all 
things suggested and offer in them under consideration.

I really want to hear from parents their concerns on issues of safety 
and standards.....!

To that end I would request that all comments be made on the "Atenveldt" 
Rules or other possible sets of Rules for Boffer by 
************APRIL 15th****************
Results to be tabulated, hopefully, by the end of April... Barring 
unforeseen circumstances we can get an _organized and safe_ program in 
place in May (cross your fingers and wish hard) Please sent such 
comments privately to    SirKief at      or post them on the 
general Ansteorran List so all my view them... As well, HARDCOPY is least there is a record of suggestions.....

>Lord Charles MacKinnon
>Bryn Gwlad

On a personal note I don't necessarily appreciate, Charles MacKinnon, 
your "suspicious attitude" in regards to my motives....... Still, we all 
have an opinion.......................

Waes Thu Hael neighbors.....
Kief - EM Ansteorra
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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