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Fri Feb 26 00:44:14 PST 1999

Lorraine and/or Kief wrote:
> >  Will this be posted only to the Chivaly, and if so, why? What about
> >those belt-and-chain-challenged among us who might have good ideas
> about
> >this? Or is the opionion of those who aren't knights unwelcome?
> >  I hope not.
> Nope... I was specifically asked to post any possible Rules for Boffer
> to the Chiv list. For some strange reason the Chivalry have a bit of
> experience in chewing up Rules of Combat and finding possible flaws in
> them...
  Very well. Where can one obtain a copy of these rules? Will/have they
been posted to the regional lists, or do interested parties need to send
an envelope and batch of stamps someplace?

> On a personal note I don't necessarily appreciate, Charles MacKinnon,
> your "suspicious attitude" in regards to my motives....... Still, we all
> have an opinion.......................
  I apologize if my remark displayed a "suspicious attitude" to you, Sir
Kief. My intent was to obtain information, not suggest that there is
some shady, back-room deal going on here. However, I must point out that
in 14+ years of active play in the Society I have seen some EM's who
would only consult the knights on combat rule changes. I didn't think
you would do this, but wasn't certain if you planned to talk it over
among the Chivalry before submitting a proposal to the Kingdom at large.
  The only "motive" I assumed you had in this matter was to get the
boffer rules nailed down into something workable for the kingdom. I
regret if my remark seemed to indicate otherwise. I try very hard to say
only what I think, but do sometimes not say it as well as I would like

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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