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Greetings from Jin Liu Ch'ang,

CADET1313 at (Pieter) wrote:
>As I see it the Shadowlands are a part of the southern >region and would benifit just as much as the rest of >the region if they toss in some help.
I have to assume that you are from one of the baronies of the region or you would not forget that groups have to have events to keep their group status.  This is very tough as it is (at least if we want to show some resemblance to a profit) when larger baronies reschedule their events opposite yours.  This will be even less easy if their are two or more regional events to have trouble scheduling around.  Most weekends already have two or three other events.  This is no problem to the large baronies as they will always draw people to their events and have enough residents to show a profit even if no outside people came to their event.  This is a big problem to the shires who need outside people to break even.  The shires need some kind of draw to get people to their events.  Having some regional championships would be such a draw.

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