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Fri Feb 26 08:14:27 PST 1999

Norman White wrote:

> I have to assume that you are from one of the baronies of the region > or you would not forget that groups have to have events to keep their > group status. 

This is a misconception that has been very difficult to overcome.  Let
me try once again.  Unless the laws have changed since I was Kingdom
Seneschal...and I don't think they have, but I could be wrong....groups
merely have to show _activity_, this does not necessarily mean
_events_.  It could be putting on demos, having guild meetings, or,
surprise, helping withj regional events.  The purpose of this is to make
sure that the group is real and fills a need, so that five people
somewhere do not form a group that generates paperwork and headache for
the Kingdom offices, but doesn't really do anything or fill a need.  Not
having a specific event hosted by a specific group should not be seen as
a lack of activity causing said group to lose its status.

Of course, holding events becasue you want too, not just because you
have to is always preferable anyway.

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