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Fri Feb 26 10:50:55 PST 1999

On 26 Feb 99, at 10:14, Galen W. Bevel wrote:

> Norman White wrote:
> > I have to assume that you are from one of the baronies of the region >
> > or you would not forget that groups have to have events to keep their >
> > group status. 
> This is a misconception that has been very difficult to overcome.  Let me
> try once again.  Unless the laws have changed since I was Kingdom
> Seneschal...and I don't think they have, but I could be wrong....groups
> merely have to show _activity_, this does not necessarily mean _events_. 

that being the case the solution to several problems presents it's self ... 
complaints of an already cluttered calander, complaints of smaller group time 
slots being "hijaacked" by larger groups, lack of attendence at smaller events 
lack of resources, etc ...... 

since we're *all* regional, seems logical that these smaller groups might want 
to pool their respective resources with other smaller groups and *co-host* such 
regional events instead of the "stand alone" events all are used to dealing 
with ... kills many birds with fewer stones. 

who knows, might also be a pathways to strengthening basic regional identity 
... eh?  


... When we hunt, we all function with one mind
... - Boingo, Pedestrian Wolves
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