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Michael Scofield ivar_runamagi at
Fri Feb 26 15:43:25 PST 1999

Lady AElfwyn wrote:

>First, SR name update.  We've got commentary on all but about 6 names; 
>should have the list ready for dissemination in the next week or so.

Many thanks for all of the work of the heralds in this !!

>Second, on the structure of the Festival. I know this is kind of 
stating the
>obvious, but those who do fighting only go to fighting events and those 
who do
>A&S go to the A&S events.  I don't have any problem with setting this 
up as
>semi-annual deal where you do half of the competitions (roughly) at 
one, and
>half at the other, but I think you need to mix some of the
>outdoor/athletic/fighting events with the indoor/A&S/non-fighting 
>Otherwise it would seem that you've got a good chance of one segment of 
the SR
>folks showing up at one and another at the other and never the twain 

Yep, we have got to have a mix of A&S and fighting to get everyone 
there. That is why there needs to be a whole bunch of discussion of the 
whole idea both on and off this list. This is a really big step for the 
SR (soon to be named) and must be done in a very studied way for the 
first couple. 

>AElfwyn <That is Lady AElfwyn>


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