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Fri Feb 26 10:06:41 PST 1999

Michael Scofield wrote:
> Yep, we have got to have a mix of A&S and fighting to get everyone
> there. That is why there needs to be a whole bunch of discussion of the
> whole idea both on and off this list. This is a really big step for the
> SR (soon to be named) and must be done in a very studied way for the
> first couple.

  I must say that I would like to see us come up with an interesting and
fun way to select our champions. After all, the format we use the first
few times will probably be used for those which follow. Let's not get
ourselves locked into 'the same old thing' as evry other tourney.
  So far as judged tourneys go, has anyone noticed that all of our
non-combat competitions are judged? We don't see single-elimination
bardic or double-elimination A&S competitions. There might be something
to be said for selecting our combat champions in the same manner as our
non-combatant ones. Besides, a judged tourney will allow the new fighter
who fights (and dies) with honor, courage, and style to have the same
chance for victory as Duke Shieldcruncher who can slay any four guys he
faces. determining who wins would depend on the ideals and perceptions
of the judges, but then, aren't our non-combat victors subject to the
same conditions?
  As for what to call our champions, I've noticed that, in Ansteorra,
Shires have Defenders and Baronies have Champions, and the Kingdom has a
Warlord. What would people think about calling our Regional champions by
the title of "Warden"?

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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