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Michael Scofield ivar_runamagi at
Fri Feb 26 15:47:56 PST 1999

Kief wrote:

Altogether, a damn fine idea! Let's see if we can run with it!


>Heilsa all Good and True Southerners...*grin*
>It was written (and much has been said):
>>Why not have a Southern Festival(one event) at which all the 
>competitions are held? Do it once a reign and have the southern groups 
>rotate it around.
>>It would eliminate too many weekends and pull in different groups that 
>might not see each other that much.
>>                                                            Ivan The 
>Well, I'm coming in late on the thread (so what's new...) Here's a 
>thought, perhaps it hasn't been hashed yet. Put the Southern Festival 
>a 3 day weekend... Spread the competitions over a leisurely 2-day 
>period, finish up on Monday morning and amble your way home on a 
>holiday......... Do the event once per year... Sure, rotate the 
>responsibility among the 8 groups under the Southern Standard... Cook a 
>Grand Feast for Saturday and let the Long Ship Crew work their magic 
>Breakfast on Sunday....(gives the ship needed funds!)
>Oh! And how about a Grand Court of all the Landed Nobility (wouldn't 
>have to be long, few awards except for very special ones) lots of 
>Ceremony and Splendor.... As well, an Equestrian Emprise is wonderful! 
>Seeing the first one at Kingdom War Practice in Raven's Fort was 
>stirring... Pavilions! Banners! Armory! Crests! Spectacle! Period 
>Enough damage done for now...! Happy pondering...
>Waes Thu Hael neighbors...
>"Better the Hammer than the nail..."
>Just musing........
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