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<< Count me in on the idea of a judged tournament. Perhaps even multiple
 "Defenders of the Southern Region" (or whatever) could be chosen. I think it
 would be a great deal of fun to do some of the more period tournament
 styles. After all, almost EVERY tournament I've been to has been some
 variation of a tree to somehow cull out who is the "best" fighter that day.
 Something different, and period, is always a nice change of pace.
 Honos Servio,
 Lionardo >>
I think that is a good idea < BUT, (yep there is a but) I don't think a
"period" style tourney is a good idea. I think it would work for you from
Italy,Spain,and England but do you really want me to use Period German
Duelling styles on you? The only ones I have found involve smashing elbows
with pommals and pokeing out eyes with quilions. I wouldn't feel right trying
to use a style from another country and still work in my persona. That might
work for you but not for me.

Ld Pieter Rausch
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