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Michael Scofield ivar_runamagi at
Mon Mar 1 11:26:39 PST 1999

Pendaran wrote:

>	Greetings All,
>	Okay, so we've got a lot of ideas flying around and good discussion
>going, I think that we need to assess the facts and move forward with 
>southern champions idea. To that end, I have a couple of questions:
>	1.) Do we in fact have serious volunteers to serve as steward of the 

I can answer definitely yea for myself, and I can see no reason for 
Isobel to say no, but I will not answer for her.
>		(Ivar and Isobel please answer yea or nay.)
>	2.) Assuming that the answer to the question above is yes, when can 
the steward(s) begin the process of putting the event together? (getting 
a date, finding a site, building an event staff, etc.) I know that the 
answer to that question is "after Lyonesse" but can we get a better idea 
than that? 

Well, from my standpoint, the gathering together of staff has already 
started. And to nail down a date that we will get a date, find a site, 
etc. is last week. There have been many postings discussing getting a 
date, who will sponsor the event etc. on this list. HOWEVER, none of 
this will mean anything if ALL of the groups do not have a chance to 
discuss this idea. Although there has been a great deal off discussion 
on-line, there has been zilch discussion off-line. Therefore, all 
activities are really in the _let's talk about it_ stage. And as soon as 
all of the groups get a chance to discuss it on- and off-line, it will 
remain at that stage.
>	3.) We have two volunteers to run the tournaments (Piet the light and 
myself the heavy); are those volunteers acceptable?

Acceptable for what? :-)
>	4.) Is there anything else that we need to determine in order to get 
things moving? 

Yes, does the populace of the region, not just those of us on-line, want 
to do this?
>	I'm not trying to rush things or push anyone, but I am a firm
>believer in action. If all we do is talk about it, it won't happen. I 
think that we have the potential to put together an amazing event, and 
realizing the huge amount of work that goes into the planning, I think 
that we need to get started sooner than later.
>	Pendaran

I agree, however, just like the name for the region, and the idea of a 
principality, we absolutely must have input from as many people as 
possible before we go running off into wherever.

Ivar, trying to get ready for Lyonesse, and lots of other stuff, too, 

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