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Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Mon Mar 1 19:18:41 PST 1999

Ivar here:

Just got home from the Bjornsborg populace meeting. The Barony as a group
is in favor of a Southern Festival and has agreed to help sponsor it. All
we need now is for the rest of the groups, outside of Fynnon Gath who has
already said they would do it, to discuss it at their populace meetings,
or whatever and say let's do it. Isobel will send a letter (snail mail)
to all of the Seneschal asking their groups opinion and what they are
willing to do. Bjornsborg for the most part just said, "let us know what
you will volunteer us for". 

I will be out of touch with the net for about two weeks, due to Lyonesse
and a raiding, uh I mean scouting trip to Caid. I'll be back on line on
or about the 15th. Isobel, as the co-steward can deal with stuff and I'll
touch base with her on a regular basis. Don't get in a panic until we get
info from _all_ the groups.

If you have a site in mind, send Isobel and I a list, with directions and
a phone number, so we can check them out.

Ivar, I'm remembering why I swore off of autocratting, Runamagi

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