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Mon Mar 1 12:34:30 PST 1999

I'm in, and I'm sure that Ivar was serious when he opened his mouth.  The first
thing that we have to do, however, is check with the individual groups to see
who wants to participate.   There have been conflicting reports on whether or
not we need three groups to agree...but to be safe, we'll look for that.
Tonight is the Bjornsborg business meeting, and Ivar and I will bring things up
for the populous' approval.  It sounds as if Ffynnon Gath is a "yes".   We've
not had a chance to get a letter together for Seneschals for this month
(Lyonesse, Gulf War) if a representative from each group online could talk
to your seneschals individually, and then bring it up to your populous at this
month's meeting, it would be great!

What seems to be the consensus on what we will do is:
1.  Try for a 3 day weekend and get champions in everything.
2.  If not a 3 day weekend, have two events, the first of which we are now
planning, and will consist of outdoor, martial activities.

Once you have the okay for this from each group, please have your seneschal
write a non-email letter and send it to Ivar, myself, and the Regional
Seneschal, stating your intent to participate.

Gail P. Taylor
13123 Woller Creek
San Antonio, TX  78249

Michael A. Scofield
5430 Oxbow
San Antonio, TX  78228

See Blackstar for Sasha, the regional seneschal

After we have the go ahead, we can get a calendar date.

Another thing that we need to do is decide how to divide the labor.  We have 8
groups, and I'm willing to bet that they'll all want to run some part of the
festival.  I'm not sure that we want to do the "first to chime in on the
internet" way of choosing (though this might turn out to be the way to go...I
have no doubt that the volunteers thus far would do a fantastic job)...we're
going to have to decide on how to fairly divide activities.  Ivar and I will
have to confer.  We will do this tonight.


Martin, Brian wrote:

>         Greetings All,
>         Okay, so we've got a lot of ideas flying around and good discussion
> going, I think that we need to assess the facts and move forward with the
> southern champions idea. To that end, I have a couple of questions:
>         1.) Do we in fact have serious volunteers to serve as steward of the
> event?
>                 (Ivar and Isobel please answer yea or nay.)
>         2.) Assuming that the answer to the question above is yes, when can
> the steward(s) begin the process of
>                 putting the event together? (getting a date, finding a site,
> building an event staff, etc.) I know                   that the answer to
> that question is "after Lyonesse" but can we get a better idea than that?
>         3.) We have two volunteers to run the tournaments (Piet the light
> and myself the heavy); are those                        volunteers
> acceptable?
>         4.) Is there anything else that we need to determine in order to get
> things moving?
>         I'm not trying to rush things or push anyone, but I am a firm
> believer in action. If all we do is talk about it, it won't happen. I think
> that we have the potential to put together an amazing event, and realizing
> the huge amount of work that goes into the planning, I think that we need to
> get started sooner than later.
>         Pendaran
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