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Carolle Ternus cternus at
Mon Mar 1 10:07:39 PST 1999

Radegund here.

Martin, Brian wrote:

>         Okay, so we've got a lot of ideas flying around and good discussion
> going, I think that we need to assess the facts and move forward with the
> southern champions idea. To that end, I have a couple of questions:
>         1.) Do we in fact have serious volunteers to serve as steward of the
> event?
>                 (Ivar and Isobel please answer yea or nay.)
>         2.) Assuming that the answer to the question above is yes, when can
> the steward(s) begin the process of
>                 putting the event together? (getting a date, finding a site,
> building an event staff, etc.) I know                   that the answer to
> that question is "after Lyonesse" but can we get a better idea than that?

Just a reminder than Isobel and Ivar really need to bring this up to their
barony, most of whom are not online, before these questions can accurately be
answered.  It could be the March meeting or possibly the April meeting.  As you
mentioned, this month is a little bit packed, with Lyonesse and Gulf War.  I am
not implying that Bjornsborg as a whole would or would not support this event.
I think it sounds neat.  However, if the group is going to be intimately
involved with an event, we need to be consulted as a whole before being commited
to the event.

>                 4.) Is there anything else that we need to determine in order
> to get
> things moving?

See above.  : )

>         I'm not trying to rush things or push anyone, but I am a firm
> believer in action. If all we do is talk about it, it won't happen. I think
> that we have the potential to put together an amazing event, and realizing
> the huge amount of work that goes into the planning, I think that we need to
> get started sooner than later.

Everyone, please remember to allow time for off-line discussion.Thanks,

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