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Mon Mar 1 18:09:55 PST 1999

---Lorraine and/or Kief <deer_kief at> wrote:
> A month or so back a gentle issued displeasure
> about the way our crowns remain circumspect in
> their dealings....
> It got me thinking...
> Potentially everyone of us has the ability to
> be Crown or Consort and even if we don't think
> we have that ability we expect certian things
> of our my world view we shouldn't
> expect things of others that we couldn't or 
> wouldn't do ourselves so as an exercise: how do
> you measure up to your expectation of what we
> ask of our Monarchs or question what you think
> you would do as Monarch...
> Let's assume that the potential Monarchs are 
> those who are interested in doing whatever
> they can discern is needed for Ansteorra...
> They want to serve the people and make sure
> that those who deserve recognition get it...
> To be of the need to travel and
> meet people... How many places have you traveled
> and how many people do you know there, in how
> many regions?...Do you
> know enough people that when something goes
> haywire in a group, you know people to call on 
> to get other views than the ones yelling the
> loudest?? 
> Have you read kingdom law?? What about corporate?
> or even Marshallate? Are you ready to uphold them?
> Do you have enough basis
> of knowledge to make a judgement on whether
> a group is following guidelines or is really
> digging itself deeper.
> How much of our history do you know...
> what have we gone through in the past,
> what issues hit our hot buttons?
> What is our glory??
> Are you ready to deal with real legal issues
> like rape, assault, or theft.
> Are you willing to put aside friendships
> and household ties in matters where 
> you would normally be biased? Would you be 
> able to put aside your dislike and decide
> justly on an issue with a long time adversary?
> How many people have you recommended for awards?
> Do you know your criteria? 
> Are you ready for a 9 month stint of everyone
> in the kingdom wanting your ear, of being in the 
> spotlight ...and are
> you able to generally discern BS from bias, from
> concern, from panic, from "truth" (which is always
> relative)?
> Are you ready to decide the fate of groups and 
> individuals within the context of the SCA.
> Can you go on smiling for "the people"
> when someone you cared deeply about
> just betrayed you?
> Do you know who your true friends are?
> Are you ready for some of the greatest thrills
> when you see your people at their finest and
> for some of your greatest disappointments 
> when you see some of the people you
> admire the most have feet of clay...
> These are things I have asked myself
> not because I really think I will
> be a monarch, but because I realized
> what I expected out of one...
> I saw how much friends
> of mine who have been monarchs have
> gone through....the pain...the joy...
> the exhaustion...always trying to
> do the best for the kingdom and getting
> tired of not being able to please
> anyone (or at least it seems that way
> caus all ya hear is the bitchin').
> I then looked around an realized that on a
> less concentrated level, people who stay
> with our organization and have value have
> also gone through much of this...
> just something to think about...
> In Service to Ansteorra
> Lorraine DeerSlayer

After reading this post, I can say only one thing...

VIVAT!  Dear Lady, vivat indeed!

Lord Kayne MacRaven
Clan MacRaven
Acting Persuviant
Shire of Emerald Keep
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