SR - Burden of the Crown

Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Mon Mar 1 19:32:20 PST 1999

Lorraine wrote most wonderfully:

>A month or so back a gentle issued displeasure
>about the way our crowns remain circumspect in
>their dealings....
>It got me thinking...

<major snip>

>I saw how much friends
>of mine who have been monarchs have
>gone through....the pain...the joy...
>the exhaustion...always trying to
>do the best for the kingdom and getting
>tired of not being able to please
>anyone (or at least it seems that way
>caus all ya hear is the bitchin').
>I then looked around an realized that on a
>less concentrated level, people who stay
>with our organization and have value have
>also gone through much of this...
>just something to think about...
>In Service to Ansteorra
>Lorraine DeerSlayer

Thank you for those words. I have had more than a few of our Crowns cry
on my shoulder, and I mean that literally, because of the things they are
subjected to by people they considered to be good friends. Although the
rewards are great for those wearing the crown of this Kingdom, the burden
is heavy, and oft times seems more than any two can carry. 

Read carefully the words of Lorraine, she has given each of you the
opportunity to help our King and Queen if you heed her words.

Ivar Runamagi

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