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Mon Mar 1 21:44:22 PST 1999

Please send me a booklet.  I do not know if I will be able to attend, but I
have a collection of tournament booklets dating back to Lion's.

lucetis sicut luminaria in mundo

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> Greetings, from the Messenger of the Lady Lyonesse....
> I have been instructed to announce that the Lady Lyonesse
> welcomes all to her lists, and will accept letters of intent
> beyond the original deadline.  Such letters must arrive via
> regular mail, rather than through the ethers.  She stresses
> that any letter that is sent via Federal Express or UPS
> -must- have its signature waived to insure that it arrives
> in her hands in a reasonable time.  Electronic requests for
> the Lyonesse booklet, however, are encouraged; anybody who
> mails in a letter will greatly increase their chance of
> receiving such a booklet prior to the event, by sending an
> additional request via Email.
> Thank you,
> Ly. Isobel Grace Hadleigh
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