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Ivar, has it been 5 years already?  My my, how time flys....

wink.... Catherine

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>Ivar here:
>Just got home from the Bjornsborg populace meeting. The Barony as a 
>is in favor of a Southern Festival and has agreed to help sponsor it. 
>we need now is for the rest of the groups, outside of Fynnon Gath who 
>already said they would do it, to discuss it at their populace 
>or whatever and say let's do it. Isobel will send a letter (snail mail)
>to all of the Seneschal asking their groups opinion and what they are
>willing to do. Bjornsborg for the most part just said, "let us know 
>you will volunteer us for". 
>I will be out of touch with the net for about two weeks, due to 
>and a raiding, uh I mean scouting trip to Caid. I'll be back on line on
>or about the 15th. Isobel, as the co-steward can deal with stuff and 
>touch base with her on a regular basis. Don't get in a panic until we 
>info from _all_ the groups.
>If you have a site in mind, send Isobel and I a list, with directions 
>a phone number, so we can check them out.
>Ivar, I'm remembering why I swore off of autocratting, Runamagi
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