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Her Grace Duchess Willow de Wisp, Has asked that the following be posted and shared with all Bards planing on participating in the Bardic Melee at Gulf War.

The Bardic Melee will be working differently than the Static arts Competition at Gulf War.

To enter the Melee all participants will have to provide Documentation to enter the melee.

The winning kingdom with be the kingdom with the Highest Average score of all the Bards performing in the melee.

The areas that will be looked at during the judging are:

Appearance - Do you look good and are your props appropriate for the piece being performed, and are  
                   they period
Skill and technique
Overall Performance
Authenticity of the piece
Her grace Asks that all Bards planning on being in the melee be aware of the criteria and do their best to meet them. Trimarian bards are strong on the documentation and authenticity. we need to take the time to be also.

Lady Simone
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