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I don't think that Sir Burke will mind if I put this private
message I"m doing it.....

Isobel wrote to Sir Burke:

Last night, our seneschal read
>something saying that a regional event does NOT need to be
>sponsored by 3 groups.  Yesterday day, our regional
>seneschal said that they do.  Today, Sasha's husband Donal
>sent out something that seems out of date, if what our
>seneschal read last night is correct.
>How does this sponsorship work out?
>Do we HAVE to have our A&S champion made at this main
>outdoor event...or could we have a large collegium/display
>at a later time, and choose the person there?
>Or...can we have this second event...but would NOT be
>allowed to choose a champion there?
>The answer to this will determine how strongly we will try
>to get a 3-day weekend date.
>So, overall, I have no clue what is the correct thing to
>do.  Argh.
>Isobel Hadleigh, Co-autocrat, Southern Regional Champions

Sir Burke Replied:
Ok, let me see if I can clarify this and not muddy the
water.  The problem
that we are getting into here is that there are two
different types of
regional events.  Yes, I know this is confusing but just
keep reading.  The
regional (notice small r ) event in kingdom law is a class
of event.  They
can be about anything or concerning any SCA activity.  They
must have three
groups as sponsors.  These were created to try and reduce
pressure on the
Kingdom Calender and to let groups band together to put on
event bigger and
more wonderful events.  There is no limit to the number of
regional events
that groups can host per year.  Now the new problem is the
emergence of
championship events that involve the geographic regions of
These events, which we are currently calling Regional
Championship events
(notice big R) are allocated current one for each region.
These are like
junior Kingdom events, are awarded by the regional
seneschal,  and can be
sponsored by one or more groups.  If one group sponsors the
event, it will
count against their event limit for the year.  If three or
more groups
sponsor the event, then it will become a regional calender
class event and
not count against anyones event total.  Not all regional
championships (ie. artisin, bard, rapier, etc.) have to be
held at the
Regional Championship event, but they would then have to be
folded into
some other event on the calander.  We are still trying to
come up with a
name other than Regional Championship event.  If you have
any questions
please let me know.

In Service to the Dream

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald , OP
Baron of Wiesenfeuer
Kingdom Seneschal for Ansteorra
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