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Thu Mar 4 12:23:53 PST 1999

Greeting All Bards,

I am Preparing to post the works of the Bards of our dear Kingdom Of Ansteorra, and the Submissions from Other Bards across the known world to the Kingdom Bardic Resources site The Bardic Fire. Along with the contact, and link Pages. After Gulf War I will be working on the Documentation and Announcement pages of the Bardic Fire.

The URL for the Bardic Fire is

If you have pieces you would Like to Submit to the Bardic Fire Please send them.  If you would Like a Biography page to precede your works please send me what you would like written  Submissions can be sent to me at margiejr at

If you would like to include contact information so that other Bards can keep in touch with you. Send it in this format please

Sca name
Home location (shire/canton/Barony etc..)
Home Kingdom
Web site URL if you have one
Brief description (Optional)(limit to 5 lines please)
Feeding preferences (fun and Optional)(so the gentry know what to offer you for food and drink around a fire)

If you have  bardic site you want linked to the Bardic Fire Please send the URL to me at margiejr at

Thank you for your time.

Lady Simone
Bardic Collage Resources Coordinator margiejr at
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