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I don't think the prison was built at the time we held events there.
Between the airport and those lights.... could be a problem.  Wonder if
Gonzales is doing better since there hasn't been rain or is it still covered
in dirt?

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><< > How about the Burnet fairgrounds that were used for the Society 20th
> > event??
> If these are the ones I think they are, they have built a women's
> minimum security prison, for I think drug offender's, right over the
> hill from it.
> Why is this a problem?
> Apparently they have really bright lights that flood the sky.
> It's just something to keep in mind.
>  >>
>I thought it was already there.  I haven't seen any of those lights in the
>past few events that we held there.
>Lord Johanne Kiefer Haydon  (Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.)
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