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Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Thu Mar 4 17:31:13 PST 1999

Sosha, our beloved regional seneschal, wrote:

>	In the interest of helping things to move along, let me state 
>that I
>am more than happy to accept bids and proposals for regional events in
>all of their forms.  Write or e-mail so that I can send the proposed
>dates and pertinent information to the appropriate people and lists.  
>Ly Sosha Lyon's O'Rourke

Thanks, I believe that we have at least three of the groups in the region
who are willing to sponsor a regional event to select our champions.
Based on the posting forwarded from Burke, I think we need to do this as
a regional event (three sponsoring groups) and not as a Regional
Champions event sponsored by one group. And, because Lyonesse is this
weekend, followed immediately by a week of war (for those lucky ones who
are going), let us get the details pounded out the week after our gallant
warriors return from thrashing Trimaris.

Sosha, I will talk to everybody I can at Lyonesse and let you know what
kind of date we are looking at. I am under the impression that we do not
need to get room on the Kingdom calendar for a regional event, only a
Regional Champions event. Am I right in my interpretation of Burke's

Ivar, I sure wish I could go kill Trimarans and drink their beer,

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