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Thu Mar 4 12:11:12 PST 1999

Michael A Scofield wrote:
> Thanks, I believe that we have at least three of the groups in the region
> who are willing to sponsor a regional event to select our champions.
> Based on the posting forwarded from Burke, I think we need to do this as
> a regional event (three sponsoring groups) and not as a Regional
> Champions event sponsored by one group. And, because Lyonesse is this
> weekend, followed immediately by a week of war (for those lucky ones who
> are going), let us get the details pounded out the week after our gallant
> warriors return from thrashing Trimaris.

Just a few points:
  Thus far we have, to my knowledge, only one GROUP that has stated it's
intent to support this event, thought we've had individuals from several
others volunteer. I'm sure many other groups would be willing to help,
but I only recall hearing of one who has accepted the idea at populace
  I don't think that this is something that should be rushed into
existance by the minority of the populace that converses upon this list.
Let's allow time for the groups in our Region to discuss it, then let's
work out the details. 
  After all, this thing doesn't have to happen immediately. Let's take
it slow enough to get the whole Region behind it, and then make this an
event that shows off the best our Region has to offer.
  And I still think we should call our regional champions "Wardens".

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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