SR - In case you were wondering about r(R)egional events

Donal & Sosha catsden at
Tue Mar 16 14:55:34 PST 1999

Got many messages while away at war.  To summ things up, Burke and a
few of us regionals got together to hash all the little bugs that are
currently plaguing the regional event discussion and communications. 
The fact is that there is not a set in stone policy for running a
regional event.  He would like to see the the matter to be discussed
per region and have a policy or a tradition set by the people who are
affected.  Personally, I think a regional event should be held by the
region and by more than one group.  I intend to hold a small forum in
about 6-8 weeks at an event, held in our region to discuss this
matter, with all the seneschal's on how their populace would like to
see this set up for all intensive purposes.  Then it will be set as a
policy for all future r(R)egional events.
Sosha Lyon's O'Rourke
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