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Fri Mar 5 07:08:22 PST 1999

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> Charles MacKinnon wrote:
> > And I still think we should call our regional champions "Wardens".
> I missed that one.  Ooo-er, it's a good idea!  "War-lord" in
> English is first cited to 1856 by the OED.  "Wardens" were medieval
> officials in northern England (and Wales too?), responsible for
> defence of the Scots border (Welsh border / area?).
> I might also suggest "Marshal" or "Constable", but the former has
> SCA connotations and the latter real-world ones.  "Warden" ...
> an excellent choice.  Many thanks, Charles!

  Well, my reasoning actually ran that the title 'warden' was also used
in the Scottish marches, and would keep in sync with the Scottish flavor
of some of our other Kingdom honors and traditions (such as the Thistle)
  I also noted that, in our Kingdom, Shires tend to have Defenders and
Baronies Champions. I think that our regional tourney should be unique
from those others, and how better than by calling it by another title.
"Warden" has no current SCA meaning, unlike "Marshal" and "Constable",
it is a period office, and would be easily differentiated from the
Baronial/Shire champions/defenders.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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