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Sun Mar 7 10:37:23 PST 1999

On 5 Mar 99, at 11:40, Dennis Grace wrote:

> Salut Cozyns,
> Master Daniel says:
> >I might also suggest "Marshal" or "Constable", but the former has
> >SCA connotations and the latter real-world ones.  "Warden" ...
> >an excellent choice.  Many thanks, Charles!
> And "warden" *doesn't* have modern connotations?

while some things are historically appropriate and "period", common sense 
should dictate that care be used in some circumstance ... in this case we have 
a suggested term that some have unfortunate modern connections ...    

as a individual who belives in "power through" vs "power over" i would have as 
much trouble respecting a modern, mundane "warden" as would my historical scots 
cousins would have respecting the "wardens" imposed upon by the english 

all in all, it would be a bad choice in terminology that would best be avoided.

what exactly is wrong with the usual term "champion" or "warlord" ??? ... no 
need to further muddy already murky waters.


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