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j'lynn yeates wrote:
> as a individual who belives in "power through" vs "power over" i would have as
> much trouble respecting a modern, mundane "warden" as would my historical scots
> cousins would have respecting the "wardens" imposed upon by the english
> oppressors.

  Wolf, you might consider reading more about the Border Marches. There
were 4 English Wardens, one for each of the three Marches on the English
side and the Warden of the Northern Marches who was the nominal superior
of the three. The Scots also had a warden for each of their three
Marches, as well as the Keeper of Liddesdale, who was technically
subordinate to the Scottish Middle March Warden, but was actually equal
to the Wardens.
  The Wardens on both sides of the Borders were appointed by their
respective crowns for the purpose of ensuring peace, security and lawful
conduct across the Border. 
  The Wardens on the Scottish side were 'imposed' on the Scots Borderers
by Scottish crowns, usually from among the Borderers, NOT by the
  I would suggest "The Steel Bonnets" by George MacDonald Fraser as a
good source for information on this subject, if you're interested in
learning more about it.

Ld Charles Mackinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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