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Sun Mar 7 16:00:20 PST 1999

---Jan Van Zandt <mysticmarks at> wrote:
> As Wolf stated, the term "warden" has too many modern connotations
> most people.  unfortunately, not everyone reads or researches history 
> the way some of us do.  Some modern connotations are simply too
> so why even try to fool with it.
> The important thing is that we all have a good time playing SCA. 
> all, it is an escape from the modern world. 
> HLady Jan
> Ffynnon Gath

HLady Jan,

Would not for most 'Texans' the word King also smack of bad modern
feelings given how long and hard out ancestors fought for a government
for and by the people?

The fact of that matter is that we use words every day within our
society that do not mean what they do in a modern world.  A Warden of
the Southern Region (Warden of Campoleon ... that does have a nice
ring), would be nothing more than fictional title, in the style of a
historical title.

It's all make believe, and we do it with all sorts of titles every day.

In service to the dream, and pleasant dicussion,

Ld. Timothy of Glastonbury

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