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Wayne Keith waynek at
Sun Mar 7 17:54:47 PST 1999

Apologies to those on the Bryn Gwlad list, this is the same message I
posted there.

Hello all.  I am looking for a ride for me and my gear to Gulf Wars next
week.  Anyone leaving after Tuesday with room for one more in the
Bryn Gwlad/Bjornsborg area, please let me know.  I am willing to
contribute a reasonable portion of travel expenses, and can get myself to
a departure location in the above mentioned areas.  Gear consists of a
reasonable amout of armour and tentage, and I may be able to send it
separately if necessary.  My sword and bow thirst for action, direct
replies to waynek at or waynek at

                    Ld. Jevan the Fletcher ap Cenydd
                              Wayne Keith
                      Southwest Research Institute
                             (210) 522-3868

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