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Sun Mar 7 18:51:04 PST 1999

>---Jan Van Zandt <mysticmarks at> wrote:
>> As Wolf stated, the term "warden" has too many modern connotations
>> most people.  unfortunately, not everyone reads or researches history 
>> the way some of us do.  Some modern connotations are simply too
>> so why even try to fool with it.
>> The important thing is that we all have a good time playing SCA. 
>> all, it is an escape from the modern world. 
Timothy wrote:

>Would not for most 'Texans' the word King also smack of bad modern
>feelings given how long and hard out ancestors fought for a government
>for and by the people?

I think you are taking the idea a bit too far.  If what you say was so, 
then all Americans should have a problem with the word "King".  If that 
was so, then 30+ years ago the SCA probably would not have been founded.  
But, I seriously doubt if the word "king" would make Americans think of 
King George.  What with all of the fairy tales and fables of childhood, 
they would probably go for the king's invisible clothes or blackbirds.  
Ask someone (other than an SCAer or history buff) to name the first king 
they can think of.  Betcha they'd say Henry the VIII.

>The fact of that matter is that we use words every day within our
>society that do not mean what they do in a modern world.  A Warden of
>the Southern Region (Warden of Campoleon ... that does have a nice
>ring), would be nothing more than fictional title, in the style of a
>historical title.

Some words may cross-over into our society well, others do not.  Also, 
think of it like this...are you willing to be the one who repeatedly 
explains to newbies or at demos or to the press  the historical meaning 
of the word "warden"  so as to explain that it does not mean someone in 
charge of a prison?  Because PRISON is the first thing that most people 
think when they hear the word.

>It's all make believe, and we do it with all sorts of titles every day.

Even though we talk about playing SCA, I've always felt that the SCA is 
its own reality.  But it is not, at least to me, make believe or 
everyone could be king or knight or duke any time they wished.  The 
titles and honors are earned and worn with pride.  :)

HL Jan

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