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Sun Mar 7 17:12:55 PST 1999

Jan Van Zandt wrote:
> But, I seriously doubt if the word "king" would make Americans think of
> King George.  What with all of the fairy tales and fables of childhood,
> they would probably go for the king's invisible clothes or blackbirds.
> Ask someone (other than an SCAer or history buff) to name the first king
> they can think of.  Betcha they'd say Henry the VIII.

  Actually, given the state of modern 'education' I would be pleasantly
surprised if they didn't respond with Larry King, or Martin Luther King,
or King Kong, or even Elvis...

> Even though we talk about playing SCA, I've always felt that the SCA is
> its own reality.  But it is not, at least to me, make believe or
> everyone could be king or knight or duke any time they wished.  The
> titles and honors are earned and worn with pride.  :)

  True, but is it the title itself that lends it respect, or the effort
required to earn it? I would think that a Regional Champion/Defender
title would carry the respect due to one of the best fighters in our
Region, regardless of the title itself. After all, being a Knight,
Laurel, or Pelican would gain little respect if they did not require
great effort over a long period of time to achieve. 
Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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